Gender and Cultural

Diversity & Inclusion

for the Maritime Industry

For shipping companies who put their people first and ensure that each and every one of them feels respected and included.


Gender and Cultural


Diversity & Inclusion


for the Maritime Industry

For shipping companies who put their people first and ensure that each and every one of them feels respected and included

The maritime community communicates daily with partners and clients from all around the world and very often, things get lost in translation, wasting time for all parties.

As the saying goes: time is money; especially in the maritime industry!

By including a bespoke cross-cultural communication workshop, you can create a safe and supportive environment, where people are accepted and celebrated for their uniqueness.

You maximise your team’s productivity by teaching them how to co-exist harmoniously and communicate effectively not only among themselves but with their clients too.

By investing in their professional development, you can increase your retention rates and stop the vicious cycle of training and then replacing employees.



Executive Coaching

Coaching shipping company Directors so they can achieve their targets and support them during their personal and professional development.

Lunch & Learn Workshops

50 minute in-house workshops and presentations on topics including women’s leadership in the shipping industry and cross-cultural communication.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Cross-cultural communication and gender parity training tailored to your employees and their specific needs. The topics that are covered assist your team to develop their emotional and cultural intelligence.

Public Speaking

Professional public speaking for in-house events and industry conferences on diversity and inclusion matters.

What others say about me

I recently attended one of Kate’s webinars and would definitely recommend working with her. She understands deeply women’s challenges in male-dominated industries and has helpful suggestions on how to address them. She is authentic and engaging and creates a safe and interactive environment for the participants. Thank you, Kate!

Lia Barbopoulou

Senior Procurement & Supply Chain Leader, BP

I would like to recommend Kate as a fantastic speaker. She has a truly inspirational story that is engaging and connects with the audience. Kate is also a fantastic businesswoman, with a wonderful personality, she is kind, giving and professional. If you are looking for a speaker for your next events – get in touch with her.

Raimonda Jankunaite

Business Growth Strategist, Mentor, Speaker

Kate has an awesome personality! She has many years of working experience in the hospitality and in the shipping industries, both of which are very multicultural. She was also able to share her knowledge and gave me the ability to deeply understand the underlying issues of cultural misunderstandings in the workplace. Coming from a bicultural background herself, she has the natural ability to provide practical and solution-focused training to the highest standards to any multicultural organisation. I’d recommend her with no hesitation!

Marinos Kosmas

Group Pastry Chef, Bulldozer Group

I attended one of Kate’s webinars and was pleasantly surprisedby her professionalism, empathy, knowledge and drive. Definitelyone to watch! Well done Kate!

Athena McEwan

Master Blackbelt, BNP Paribas

Had a pleasure to work with Kate in the same company. Kate is highly professional, responsible and has high attention to details.Kate works well individually as well as in a group. Has good communication skills and able to work under pressure.!

Nazar Annayev

Shipbroker, DSB Offshore

It’s rare that you come across such a standout talent like Kate. I have the pleasure of knowing her for a few years, collaborating on several projects. Kate has great knowledge in shipping and I am particularly impressed by her ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas. I know it hasn’t always been this easy but with her development and expertise in women’s Leadership it seems to come perfectly naturally to her. She’s been through some very common obstacles for women in male-dominated environments but still manages to find her voice. Kate is a beam of hope and enthusiasm.

Alexandros Mitsios

Chartering Manager, Trading Atelier Limited

I was working with Kate for two years and I have been following her career since then. I have always admired how hardworking she was, how persistent she is to achieve her goals despite being a mother of two young girls, she has always stayed focus. She believes in the “if I can do it then anyone can” mindset and she is trying to help other people in that direction with her new career path. Her kindness and positive mental attitude is a huge part of that! She has always been an inspiration for me as a modern woman in this high paced world and I believe she is the person you are looking for!

Stavroula Papagiannakopoulou

Software Engineer, Velti

I was lucky enough to bump on Kate’s post for a webinar about women in shipping in which I attended. Kate is very knowledgeable about the insights of the industry, her being for many years in shipping. Those involved in shipping should know that it is a rather traditional business area, where customs are not responsive to modern times. Kate is well equipped with skills to assist overcome these shortcomings and unfold the best version of you at a professional level.

Nafsika Ioli Kontou

I appreciate Kate’s work as a Career Coach for Women in shipping Industry and she is a true inspiration for all of us as she has proved that if there is a will there is a way.

Alexia Papoulia

Operations, Navigator Shipping Consultants

Kate is a dedicated professional and a great person. Reallyhelped me reestablish my motives and my career aspirations.Kate gave me handful advice as she is very knowledgeable ofmaritime business.

Anna-Marina Thrapsaniotaki

Operations Assistant, Samios Shipping

Kate has always been an exceptional individual with a great combination of insight, passion, grit, knowledge and fortitude that has made her a success. As Kate’s lecturer and then mentor for many years, I have seen her develop monumentally and I am fully confident that she would be able to assist others to achieve the success she attained. No one is better suited to take you on a journey of self-belief, enlightenment and empowerment that one how has walked the challenging path before.

Leif Ollivierre

Founder & CEO, Naxxar Technology

I attended Kate’s webinar “Lead Like A Woman In A Male-Dominated Industry”. Utilizing her past experiences in the maritime industry and a friendly delivery style, she provided participants a lively discussion on how to become a more effective leader. Kate’s passion to help women succeed in their careers clearly shined throughout the webinar. I highly recommend participating in Kate’s next seminar/webinar.

Gini Mattson

Claims Consultant, US Marine, The Hartford

I met Kate during an Industry Conference where she shared her experience and thoughts on leadership, overcoming roadblocks, proactiveness and many more. Kate is approachable, very engaging and practical. She shares her knowledge with great energy and clarity.

Joanna Sawh

Solution Manager Ship, DNV GL

Kate is an inspiring business woman that knows how to lead and mentor others. It has been a pleasure getting to know her through a weeks challenge.

Anna Sietos

Procurement Specialist, Fund of Archaeological Proceeds