Hi, I’m Kate

and I’m passionate about making the shipping industry more inclusive.


Does this sound familiar?

Remember the time you were so excited about the idea of creating a truly diverse team? You knew that having people sharing different ideas and perspectives could lead to innovative and breakthrough ideas. There are so many perspective clients out there, but now you’re a bit unsure whether your team will be able to adjust and work with them effectively.

What difference would it make if you had a team who is able to more effectively communicate with your international clients and partners, conduct business meetings smoothly and build relationships?

Do you want to see the spark in your staff’s eyes, from them feeling valued and respected?

I know, I’ve been there myself…

During my years in the hospitality and the shipping industries, I was part of numerous teams. I really enjoyed being part of a fast-paced and diverse environment!

Until I found myself in a team that was diverse only because I was part of it: the only ex-pat and the only woman.

In the beginning, I tried to hide it, deny it, suppress it… then I tried to fight it, but it was pointless. I silently started to lose my motivation and any kind of career ambition I had when I started.

I even swore I would never return to the shipping industry, but that (thankfully) didn’t last too long!

After having my two daughters, I needed more flexibility. That’s when I decided to start my business and, since I had the opportunity to make my own decisions, I felt it was my opportunity and my responsibility to return and address the issues many face within the industry.

I wanted to be part of the solution, rather than cross my arms and complain.

I’ve always been called to make everyone feel included, probably because I’ve felt excluded several times.

Being biracial was not very common in my home country in Greece, especially while I was growing up in the 90s (yes, you get an idea of how old I am!).

I now find myself bridging the cultural communication gaps of my two cultures, which also happens to be one of the most common combinations of seafarers: Greeks and Filipinos!

I’m very passionate about making the shipping industry more inclusive, in both gender and cultural terms, and I truly feel that every training, workshop and speech is my life’s work.

And what about qualifications?

I’ll keep this short, because although it can be a bit boring, I do understand that it is important. So here goes:

  • Certified Educator and Trainer (IMEC & Warsash Maritime School)
  • Executive Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: DEI Strategies for Business Impact (Cambridge Judge Business School)
  • Certified “Global Dexterity” Practitioner
  • Executive Certificate in Women’s Leadership (Cornell University)
  • Certified Executive Coach (International Coach Federation)
  • Master’s in Shipping and Commercial Law (Southampton Solent University)
  • Completed my PQE with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
  • Bachelor in Hospitality Management (TEI of Athens)


In addition to these, I have completed various professional certificates and training, such as:

  • Train the trainer
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • DISC personality profiling
  • Body language for women
  • Professional image


In 2024, I was featured in the “Top 100 Women in Shipping” list.

I was also a finalist in the Professional Women Network (PWN) Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards in the category “Young Gender Balanced Leader of the Year”.

In 2019, I had the honour to be awarded the National Business Mpower Award in the “Voice” category. These awards are for mums in business and I received mine for voicing the challenges women face in the maritime industry.