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Executive Coaching

Finding the time and space to strategise and focus on the bigger picture is probably fairly low on your priority list. That’s where I come in. Together we can focus and work on what is really important, so both you and the company can flourish!

Whether that is support with leading your multicultural team or developing your leadership skills, Executive Coaching has been used successfully amongst Fortune 500 companies, who have said that coaching has helped them make a lasting transformation.

Using the dynamic methodology, taught by the International Coach Federation (ICF), I can help you re-discover your true potential and keep you aligned and accountable towards reaching it.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

An in-depth and tailor-made corporate training for your office employees and/or your crew on board.

By understanding your company’s unique needs, I’m able to address the challenges you’re facing and prevent further problems from arising.

I am highly specialised in working with multicultural teams and more specifically in teams consisting of Europeans and South-East Asians.

This training can be delivered in-person, on your company’s premises, or in the form of webinars, to accommodate staff and crew who are located abroad.


Lunch & Learn Workshops

Tight on time? No worries! You can still get a value-packed workshop within 50 minutes, leaving you enough time to get a cup of coffee – or tea – before you head back to your desk!

Within the subject of leadership for women in the maritime industry, I cover areas such as communication, negotiation, owning your achievements, leveraging your experience, finding your executive voice and the importance of helping other women rise and many more.

In the workshops, I cover cultural intelligence, with issues such as creating inclusive working environments, benefits of a multicultural team, commanding and showing respect in different cultures, cultural structures and power distance, different perceptions of time, conflict prevention and many more.

Public Speaking

As a professional speaker, I participate in international industry conferences and in-house corporate events and provide you with an interactive and highly informative talk on diversity and inclusion matters.

Whether you’re celebrating a special day, such as International Women’s Day, or raising awareness for a topic, like Global Diversity Awareness month in October, I can share valuable knowledge and practical tips of how to achieve true diversity and inclusion within your company.

You can also find my TEDx talk “What we are doing wrong with Diversity” on TED’s official website and on YouTube.